EnduroTi Fire Tube Boiler

The super efficient EndruoTi is a commercial condensing boiler with a hyper-jet combustion system with 10:1 modulation.

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Product Description

The super efficient EnduroTi is a commercial condensing boiler with a hyper-jet combustion system. It is manufactured out of an extremely durable stainless steel and titanium blend to resist corrosion and last longer. With up to a 93% thermal efficiency and 10:1 modulation the EnduroTi has special corrugated horizontal flue passages. The reverse flame combustion chamber heats large amounts of hot water for superior heat transfer. The EnduroTi is CSD compliant and up to 8 units can be cascaded.


Versatile Range

Applications: Radiant Floor, Fan Coil, Base Board, Snow Melt, DHW (w/indirect tank), Pool Heat (w/indirect tank)

2 Models: 7500,000 and 1,000,000 Btuhs to suit any commercial application

Models Btuh Thermal Efficiency Supply & Return Pipe Size Gas Line Connection Vent Diameter Shipping Weight
ETI-750 750,000 93.2% 2″ 2″ 6″ 850 lbs.
ETI-1000 1,000,000 92.5% 2.5″ 2″ 6″. 950 lbs.


More Specifications

Ultra High Efficiency

The EnduroTi is a commercial condensing boiler featurning an extremely efficiency hyper-jet combustion system with modulating inward-firing burner

93.2% thermal efficiency

Higher AFUE Equals Greater Energy Savings
* based on national averages; may vary according to efficiency of current unit and installation

Commercial Application

Elite Commercial Boiler Side View
Save money on energy costs with the Elite Boiler. Perfect for small commercial applications, the Elite 301 and Elite 399 boiler can be cascaded to reach even higher Btuh ranges

Turndown Ratio

Modulating technology matches fuel consumption to demand to provide high system efficiency even during low load conditions

Reach a possible overall turndown rate of 5 to 1 with the ability to cascade up to 8 Elite commercial boilers

Greater turndown allows the Elite to match lower loads, which reduces short cycling, conserves energy and improves component reliability

Elite Boiler Turndown 1

Installation Flexibility

Elite Commercial Boiler Front View Wall Mounted Installation
Designed to maximize versatility the commercial Elite can be fastened to the floor or wall mounted

Vents up to 200 feet of total equivalent length

Excellent Venting Options

Because these units are condensing it not only makes venting capabilities easier, but it also saves money by using inexpensive PVC piping instead of costly stainless steel
Elite Commercial Boiler Venting Graphic

Quality Design

Elite Boiler Transparent Image
An extremely durable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger resists corrosion and boasts excellent heat transfer properties

Multi-Purpose Fitting

Multi-purpose bronze cast outlet fitting, integrated exhaust check valve
Elite Commercial Boiler Multi-Purpose Fitting Graphic


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