Vitocell 300-B

Stainless steel DHW tank for hygienic domestic hot water heating. Dual heat exchanger coil for solar heating applications in conjunction with solar collectors and a heating boiler. Capacity: 79 and 119 USG – 300 and 450 L.

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Product Description

Hot water comfort for life

For the Vitocell 300-B the heat from solar collectors is transferred to the water via the lower heat exchanger coil. The upper heat exchanger coil accommodates reheating by the heating boiler. The narrow, cone-shaped heat exchanger coils and their design provide maximum energy transfer in connection with Viessmann solar collectors.

The benefits at a glance

  • Long service life due to corrosion-resistant hot water tank and heat exchanger coil construction of high-grade stainless steel.
  • No sacrificial anode required for additional corrosion protection; therefore no anode replacement costs.
  • Heating of the entire water content by a heat exchanger coil extending to the tank bottom.
  • Reliable hot water comfort due to fast, even heating with large-diameter 1⅜” (35 mm) non-finned heat exchanger coil.
  • Minimal standby losses through highly effective HCFC-free insulation.
  • Two thermometers to show the domestic hot water temperature at the top of the tank and at midpoint.
  • Certified to CSA Low Lead Content Certification Program; including US Safe Drinking Water Act, NSF/ANSI 372 as well as other applicable US State requirements.


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