Vitodens 200-W Cascade Systems

Prefabricated multiple boiler system with Vitodens 200-W gas-fired condensing boilers. Rated input: 32 to 4240 MBH.

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Product Description

Performance and efficiency

Get industry-leading condensing technology for your commercial projects with a high-performance Vitodens 200-W multiple boiler system. As many as eight Vitodens 200-W gas-fired condensing boilers can be combined in a single prefabricated cascade system.

Benefits at a glance

  • Outstanding performance with Vitodens 200-W and Lambda Pro combustion management system. Lambda Pro ensures maximum efficiency by automatically adjusting the gas and combustion air ratio.
  • Maximum efficiency with high turndown that precisely matches load.
  • Simplified boiler system layout as manifold and Low-Loss Header provide complete primary loop.
  • Multiple boilers secure against interruption of heating plant operation.
  • Boilers easily assembled and hydraulically connected prior to installation with prefabricated manifold.
  • Flexible installation with multiple manifold configurations: wall-mounted, floor standing, corner or back-to-back. Right or left-mount Low-Loss Header acts as hydraulic break and helps eliminate air and debris.
  • Ideal for small or difficult-to-access boiler rooms or facilities with narrow halls and stairwells.
  • All serviceable components easily accessible from the front.
  • No pipe or manifold sizing required.
  • Offered in packaged system.
  • Common venting up to four boilers.*

* In accordance with local codes and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction.


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