Scott Endres
Technical Support / Service

Office: 608-838-1003
Cell: 608-220-8447
In Scott Endres’s Words
“My function at Hot Water Products is support, be it assisting our contractors with repairs to trainings at our place or theirs. The highlight of what I do is focused on the people I meet and work with on daily basis. We are truly fortunate to work in an industry that fosters such an interesting group of folks who are not just customers but friends. Nothing better than being in a boiler room with no extra space in 125° heat with a newly found friend.

My off time is consumed by football. In the fall it’s the NFL and NCAA all day, Saturday and Sunday. Have been in a fantasy league since 1990. I also enjoy preparing and enjoying meals with others. Bread baking is my latest endeavor. I am a “hophead” meaning I enjoy an occasional IPA. Also know a bit too much about the history of beer. I have brewed my own, but now I leave it to some of our favorite end users…Ale Asylum and Wisconsin Brewing. The way I see it, my specialty is in the boiler room. Theirs is taking the energy produced from this room, add water, malt, yeast and hops (hopefully a lot of them) to produce something incredible.”