Tim Addie
Sales Consultant

Cell: 414-238-5178
In Tim Addie’s Words
“During work: I’m focused on meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs in application and technical service. In my daily work, the term customer / supplier gets thrown around a lot. My goal is hopefully to engage and not only meet our customer’s expectations, but in the end forge a great and lasting friendship with the folks I work with. Friends go the extra mile for friends.

Outside of work: I enjoy family time with my wife of 23 years and 3 children (you name it, anything can happen when my bunch gets together-lol-(in a good way of course) lots of laughs! Also love cooking, reading, anything in outdoors activities, volunteering, and spending time investing in teaching youth, acting, and puppetry. (No, not sock puppets. We’re talking like in the line of Muppets, both small and large.) I enjoy investing time in people to teach, train, and empower. My goal is to leave a person in a better state than when I first met them.”