Travis Triggs
Warehouse / Delivery

Office: 608-838-1003
Cell: 608-843-7140
In Travis Triggs’s Words
“When I am not assuming my role as a warehouse foreman and delivery driver, you can find me outside doing some of my favorite activities. One of the things I enjoy most is football. Football has been a huge part of my life having played for 14 years, but now that the cleats are hung up you can find me on the field as a varsity coach. Another hobby I enjoy is hunting. I have been hunting since I was 5 years old and enjoy being outdoor in the woods with the beauty of nature and I also very much enjoy the sport of the hunt. Lastly, I enjoy the winter time out on the ponds playing hockey. Although I have never played for a school or on a team, I very much enjoy being out there with my good friends having a good time playing a little hockey.”