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  • AMS Steam Products, LLC is an Industry leading industrial process boiler room equipment distributor.

    We are a Steam Boiler Room parts, service, sales and support company. We provide solutions to many industries including health care, food, and laundry. Our products are engineered to help save money and natural resources. We’re a green conscious company providing solutions that not only save money but save the planet as well. Our products are 100% custom designs based off the customer’s specific requirements.

    Our extensive line of products allows us to help you customize a boiler system for your customer's exact specifications. Together we can determine the exact boiler room requirements and find a product and system design that's going to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and possibly even save space.

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    AMS Steam Products potential benefits:

    • Reduction of fuel costs by 30%
    • Reduction of CO2 Emissions
    • Reduce water usage
    • Conserve space with smaller equipment
    • Trouble-free online maintenance
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  • Completed Projects

    The projects showcased represent only a fraction of completed projects. If you are interested in viewing more completed projects, please contact one of our representatives. We can forward additional completed project information or arrange for a personal visit to a project that is specific to your needs.

    All projects are custom designed for each client. We would be happy to arrange for a no obligation analysis of your needs. Contact our sales department for more information.

    Project 1

  • Project 2

  • Project 3

    This project located in Milwaukee is the result of a boiler replacement project that saved the customer over 20% in fuel costs. The Miura Boilers are connected to a MI (Multiple Installation) Controller and cycle the boilers on/off and provide high/low firing combustion control. A Colormetry Control provides continuous monitoring for hard water leakage to the Deaerator system. For more information about this project, feel free to contact AMS Steam Products.

  • Project 4

    The total capacity of this plant is 1800 B.H.P.. There are six EXN300SGOF Miura Boilers integrated in a MI system. Located in Menomonee Falls, WI, these boilers replaced three firetube Cleaver Brooks Boilers. Because of the small footprint of Miura Boiler, the boiler room can accommodate more capacity in a smaller space saving construction costs or freeing up space for other uses.

  • Project 5

    Mercy Medical Center Chooses Six Miura Ex-300 Dual-fuel Steam Boilers For Eco-friendly Multiple Installation

    ATLANTA, GEORGIA, March 2, 2011–One of the largest natural disasters in U.S. history, the Iowa flood of 2008 inundated the city of Cedar Rapids with waters rising to a record 31 feet. Ten square miles were inundated, causing billions of dollars in damage to homes, businesses, and public facilities, which included a major utility’s steam-generation plant. For Mercy Medical Center, a leading provider of quality health care for Eastern Iowa, the plant’s loss necessitated finding an alternative, permanent source of steam for its hospital heating, sterilization, and humidification needs. After evaluating all its options, the Center chose to install six EX-300 gas/oil series high-pressure steam boilers from Miura, the world leader in ultra-low NOx on-demand steam solutions.

  • Project 6

    Cargill Upgrades Controls on Miura Boiler After 20 Years

    Germantown, WI. In 1991, SBI Industries purchased their first 100 BHP Miura Boiler to provide steam for process heating requirements. Since then, the company grew, was purchased by Cargill and added additional capacity to their steam generation abilities by adding a 200 BHP Miura Boiler in 2000. After 20 years of the 100 BHP operation, Maintenance Manager Korey Sternard felt it was time to upgrade the boiler controls.

    Korey decided to look at the Miura Boiler BL11 microcomputer control panel upgrade option. "The pressure vessel and burner are in excellent condition. Replacing the controls will provide us with a like new boiler", he said. The boiler is inspected annually as required by the State of Wisconsin.

    Even after 20 years of 24/7 operation, the Miura Boiler proved to be able to stand the test of time by providing the best quality of steam, at the highest possible efficiency.

    Miura Boiler, founded in Japan in 1927, has been introduced to North American in 1989. Current manufacturing operations are facilitated in Rockmart, GA in a brand new 100,000 sq. ft. building. Prior to the new manufacturing facility in 2009, boilers were being built and shipped from Miura's other North American factory in Brandford, Canada.

    In addition to the control panel upgrade, Korey decided to add the Miura Multiple Installation Controller to sequence the boilers to act as one large high efficient system. The boilers will cycle from High Fire to Low Fire based on steam demand and will shut off to save energy when there is little or no demand. The sequencer will also automatically start the lag boiler in the event of a failure.

    AMS Steam Products in Milwaukee is the Miura Boiler Manufacturers Representative in WI and assembled the team to replace the controls. "The installation and re-commissioning of the boiler and MI system was simple. It took less than a week of time to complete." said Jake Oertel, lead Service Technician for AMS Steam Products. He continued; "Finding days to coordinate a shutdown was by far the largest challenge for this project".

    AMS Steam Products is proud to be a Miura Partner and have factory trained supporting service on staff.

  • Project 7

    Food Processing Plant - Broadview, IL

    This customer’s increased production needs, desire for lower maintenance costs, and better efficiency was the driving factor behind this boiler room transformation. With no additional space to build another steam plant, we were able to remove two fire tube boilers, (1) 150HP and (1) 200HP, and replace them with (3) Miura LX300SGI 300HP boilers. That gives this customer 550 additional horse power in the same foot print as the original system, while also giving them 12:1 turndown on their 900HP boiler system. This allows one or more boilers to turn completely off when the system has little steam demand.

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