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Versa-Flame Combination Appliance

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The Versa-Flame is the first unit to integrate an outstanding 55 gallons of thermal mass within a combination unit, ensuring abundant domestic hot water while also handling all space heating needs.

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Versatile Range

Available in a 55 gallon tank and 3 Btuh inputs: 130, 160 & 199 Btu

PHR-130-55C 35,000-130,000 55 Gallons 310 lbs. 3.2 210 GPH 68″ 23″
PHR-160-55C 40,000-160,000 55 Gallons 310 lbs. 3.85 250 GPH 68″ 23″
PHR-199-55C 40,000-199,000 55 Gallons 310 lbs. 4.8 300 GPH 68″ 23″

More Specifications

High efficiency heat & endless hot water, the Versa-Flame from HTP is the latest addition to the Versa Series of combination units. The Versa-Flame is the first unit to integrate an outstanding 55 gallons of thermal mass within a combination unit, ensuring abundant domestic hot water while also handling all space heating needs. The all in one design of the Versa-Flame results in considerable space, cost and energy savings, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility.

Ultra High Efficiency

Thermal Efficiency up to 95%

Lower energy costs:
Up to 95% of the gas consumed is converted into heat for your heating system, in mid efficiency systems almost half of the heat can be lost through the chimney


Turndown Ratio

The modulating burner operates up to 5:1 modulating technology matches fuel consumption demand to provide high system efficiency even during low load conditions greater turndown allows the Versa-Flame to modulate at lower ring rates which reduces short cycling, conserves energy and improves component reliability

Versa-Flame Turndown Graphic

Installation & Venting

Excellent Venting Options:

Uses inexpensive, easy-to-install PVC pipe and is approved for multiple venting configurations, including the use of room intake air

Combined vent lengths up to 200′

Versa-Flame Installation & Venting Graphic

Excellent Value

The all in one design of the Versa-Flame appliance results in considerable space and cost savings, why install a boiler, a water heater, and a buffer tank, when you can install just one combination unit and save money, space and on installation
Save Energy,
Save Money, Save Space
and Save On Installation
Versa-Flame Value Image

Quality Design

Low Standby Losses:
Reducing standby loss means increasing efficiency – 2 inch thick environmentally safe foam insulation

Installation Flexibility:
Built-in auxiliary taps provide connections to air handlers, radiant heating, or supplemental storage tanks, Vents in inexpensive, easy to install PVC or CPVC pipe

Virtually Maintenance Free Operation:
The robust material (cupronickel and stainless steel) and sophisticated design of the heat exchanger minimize lime scale buildup, eliminating the blockage risk that occurs with low-mass boilers

Electronic Control:
Displays system performance information

Versa-Flame Qualilty Design Graphic

Control Interface

Allows multiple boilers to be linked and sequenced to function together.

Outdoor Reset:
Senses outside air temperature and readjusts the heating system water to satisfy the heat loss of the home, saving fuel and creating comfort.

Versa-Flame Control Panel GraphicVersa-Flame Control Board for Field Wiring


12 Year Limited Warranty

backed by the manufacturer

Warranty Document

12 Year Warranty Graphic
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